December 21, 2023

:tada: We are excited to announce a series of improvements to our EHR network record locator service (RLS), which will allow us to deliver more complete records for your patients from CommonWell and Carequality. Click on this entry to read more.

  • Going forward, if you supply us with multiple addresses or an address history for a patient, we will now take all of those addresses into account when querying the networks. This feature helps fill out the ZAP for patients who have received care in multiple geographies (e.g., because they've moved recently or are "snowbirds").
  • We will target records requests to facilities where we know a patient has had previous encounters. This feature is particularly helpful in retrieving discharge summaries and notes for patients who have had ADT alerts.
  • If you have "Most Valuable Player (MVP)" facilities or provider groups that are referral partners or where you know your patients frequently receive care, we can make sure we target them for you. Please reach out to your Zus customer success team to get that MVP list configured.
  • We are also making general improvements to our core Carequality RLS to broaden its reach. Going forward, even without an MVP list configured, you should see an uplift in the number of facilities responding with data for your patients.

Look out for more investment here in the coming weeks – we have several other related efforts underway to ensure that we capture all of the data possible to serve your needs. Please don’t be shy about reporting data you believe might be missing from the ZAP so that we can improve rapidly!