The Zus Athena integration features both the embedded Zus Aggregated Profile and automated data connections. The full ZAP can be accessed in a popup/modal via the Apps menu in the patient chart.

How to Activate the Integration

If you're a current athenahealth customer and want to turn on the ZAP, you can enable the integration by filling out the digital authorization and consent (A&C) form on the athenaMarketplace or by reaching out to us!

Data Retrieval

Patients and appointments are automatically retrieved from Athena using changed data subscriptions. Zus polls every few minutes (this frequency may vary, but is generally within minutes) for any updates to patient demographics and appointment data which is loaded into Zus.

Backfill Process

In addition to (almost) real-time data retrieval for patients and appointments, a backfill process is run when a patient is enrolled and when the ZAP is launched. The backfill fetches historical records from the Athena certified FHIR APIs including the following data points:

  • AllergyIntolerance
  • Condition
  • DiagnosticReport
  • Encounter
  • Immunization
  • MedicationRequest
  • Observation


Zus can auto-enroll any active patient that comes through the data loop using a "fallback provider" that must be configured by Zus on your behalf.

Any patient marked as inactive in Athena will be subsequently dis-enrolled in Zus.

Condition "Write-back"

Conditions surfaced in the ZAP can be written back to Athena through the Zus UI. The following fields in Athena are populated:

  • Clinical Status (Zus only supports writing back active conditions, inactive condition writes will show an error to the user)
  • Diagnosis Code (just the SNOMED code from the record in Zus)
  • Status (chronic, acute or unknown)
  • Start Date
  • Note

These write-backs are persisted in both Athena and Zus and inform the check mark in the ZAP UI. Writebacks may fail some amount of the time due to issues like code system mismatches between Zus and Athena. Zus monitors these errors but please reach out if you find them to be recurring.