Here you can find answers to some of the other most common questions developers and other Zus users may have.

Are the Zus APIs rate limited?

Zus applies the following API rate limits:

  • Calls to all endpoints at api.zusapi.com are rate limited at 20 requests per second per IP. The endpoints will return HTTP 429 responses to requests exceeding this limit.
  • Token authentication is subject to a special rate limit, as calling systems are expected to acquire a token and continue to use it until it expires. If your application attempts to obtain a token for the same app client more than 200 times in an hour, the application will receive a 429 error. User authentication (using a username and password) is not subject to this limit.

In addition to these API rate limits, Zus currently limits requests to the Patient History API at a rate of 1 request per patient per 24 hours (Pull) or 13 days (Subscription), depending on which package the patient is subscribed to.

Will you have more granular auth in the future?

We currently support a Builder Admin (for Operations Manager, Product Managers, Developers) vs. Care Team User role. Future releases will include more options for granular permissions.

Will I be able to manage my own accounts?

We are working to enable builders to manage their own users and app client accounts.

What will SLAs look like in production?

Service level agreements for Zus's Generally Available offerings are listed here.

More information about Zus's launch stages and our definition of "Generally Available" are available in section 3 of our Builder Terms of Service.