The Healthie ZAP integration is in a Beta stage, which means we are continuously updating and iterating on the data you can see and interact with. We'd love your feedback as an early participant to help improve the ZAP!

Healthie customers can now turn on the Zus Aggregated Profile integration in their Healthie instance to manage patient care with the benefit of the ZAP. Clinical history for 270M+ patients is integrated directly into Healthie in a user-friendly way.

ZAP Components Available in Healthie

When you enable the ZAP integration in Healthie, you will have access to the following Zus Components:

  • Conditions
  • Medications
    • ⚠️ Medications today are read only. This means that you can not yet incorporate the medications from the ZAP into your Healthie medications list. Zus and Healthie are actively developing this integration.
  • Encounter Timeline
    • ⚠️ A beta component, the Encounter Timeline allows you to view a list of encounters that the patient has had, and includes information about what conditions were diagnosed and the provider who was listed on the encounter.
ZAP Conditions in Healthie

ZAP Conditions in Healthie

ZAP Medications and Encounter Timeline in Healthie

ZAP Medications and Encounter Timeline in Healthie

Upcoming Features

Stay tuned! The Zus and Healthie teams are in active conversations about how to continue to improve existing and add additional integrations in the future. This may include ADT Alerts, Lab data, and information about a patient's care team.

How to Activate the Integration

More information on integration pricing and activation are available on Healthie's Help site.

No previous relationship with Zus Health is required to activate this integration. Patient clinical history will be made available for providers with a treatment use case.