The Zus Healthie integration features both the embedded Zus Aggregated Profile and automated data connections. The full ZAP is present directly in the overview section in the patient chart.

How to Activate the Integration

More information on integration pricing and activation are available on Healthie's Help site.

Data Retrieval

The Healthie backend has a proprietary connection that sends patients to Zus as they are created and updated in Healthie.

Further data is retrieved using Healthie webhooks to send data to Zus as it is created/updated/deleted. Zus collects the following data points from Healthie:

  • Appointment
  • A1c, Body Fat %, Wait Circumference, and Weight Entries

Backfill Process

In addition to real-time data retrieval, a backfill process is run when a patient is enrolled. The backfill fetches historical data across all the aforementioned data points for the patient to ensure comprehensive data synchronization.

Data Transformation to FHIR

Below is a list of the data that is pulled from Healthie and transformed to FHIR in Zus.


  • Patient Status
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses


  • Practitioner Reference (can include multiple for group appointments)
  • Status
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Reason
  • Duration
  • Start DateTime
  • End DateTime

DiagnosticReport & Observation

The Healthie entries listed above are saved as observation FHIR resources in Zus with an additional DiagnosticReport for A1c entries. Each observation has the following fields set:

  • LOINC Code (41982-0 for Body Fat %, 29463-7 for Weight, 56114-2 for Waist Circumference, 4548-4 for A1c)
  • Effective DateTime
  • Value Quantity


Zus can auto-enroll any active patient that comes through the data loop using the NPI of a provider assigned to an appointment for the patient in Healthie. We also support a "fallback provider" if there is none documented in Healthie. These must be configured by Zus on your behalf.

Any patient marked as inactive in Healthie will be subsequently dis-enrolled in Zus.