Healthie customers can now turn on the Zus Aggregated Profile integration in their Healthie instance to manage patient care with the benefit of Zus's Data Services. Clinical history for 270M+ patients is integrated directly into Healthie in a user-friendly way.

Conditions Management and History

Rather than sifting through hundreds of CCDs, Zus Conditions Management allows providers to easily manage their own client problem lists leveraging a summarized history of conditions reported for that patient and detailed chronologies of clinical documentation associated with each condition.

With Conditions Management and History enabled, providers can:

  • Manage a list of active and inactive client conditions
  • Request and refresh clinical history for specific clients
  • See a de-duplicated list of conditions reported by other providers and not in your client problem list
  • See a chronological history of condition documentation by your team or other providers
  • Easily reconcile and add conditions from other providers’ lists to your own problem list

Upcoming Features

We have released V1 of our integration, and additional modules on top of Medications and Timeline are forthcoming. We're also exploring additional integrations (e.g., with ADT, labs, etc).

How to Activate the Integration

More information on integration pricing and activation are available on Healthie's Help site.

No previous relationship with Zus Health is required to activate this integration. Patient clinical history will be made available for providers with a treatment use case.