Canvas Medical



The Canvas ZAP integration is in a Beta stage, which means we are continuously updating and iterating on the data you can see and interact with. We'd love your feedback as an early participant to help improve the ZAP!

Canvas customers can now turn on the Zus Aggregated Profile integration in their Canvas instance to manage patient care with the benefit of the ZAP. Clinical history for 270M+ patients is integrated directly into the patient chart in a user-friendly way.

ZAP Components Available in Canvas

When you enable the ZAP in Canvas, you will get access to the Medications component in the Medications section of the left hand menu in the patient chart.

In Canvas, the Medications component includes an "Add to Record" quick action, which will create a Medication Statement command for the medication in the most recent open Note for that patient.

Upcoming Features

Stay tuned! We are currently working to embed the Conditions component in the Canvas patient chart.

How to Activate the Integration

If you're a current Canvas customer and want to turn on the ZAP, reach out to your customer success manager!