Developer Quickstart

Welcome to the Zus API Quickstart Guide

This is your one-stop shop for getting live with Zus APIs.

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The goal of a Zus integration is to enable your system to access patient data via external data networks to facilitate a "get up to speed" moment. This allows your providers to seamlessly understand a patient's health history at the point of care.

External patient data includes medical history from Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, medication history from pharmacies, medication event notifications, lab result history/alerts, and admissions/discharge/transfer (ADT) alerts.

You should follow this guide if you are interested in proving out the following with Zus APIs:

  • Creating a MachineToMachine (M2M) application for interacting with Zus APIs. This means no user authentication required!
  • Generating Bearer access tokens for making API calls to Zus.
  • Creating patients within Zus via upsert (conditional puts).
  • Subscribing patients for automatically refreshed data from Zus networks via our Subscription API.
  • One Time Querying patients for data from Zus networks via our Patient History API.
  • Managing reciprocity for patients by writing FHIR data back to Zus.
  • Pulling FHIR data from Zus on your patients.

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