One Time Querying Patients

If you prefer to control when you pull patient data, and not subscribe, Zus allows for one time querying to fetch the latest information on patients.

The flow for one time querying of patients is as follows:

  • Seed your patient with Zus connected network data as described here. Our Patient History API will do the heavy lifting of searching our networks for patient matches, pulling documents from responding organizations and translating them to FHIR resources for you.


Be sure to pass the Patient id from the previous response when creating the patient in the payload body {{ZusPID}}!

  • When one time querying patients for the first time the CPR (Common Patient Record) functionality comes into effect. Meaning, if other Zus customers are also treating the same patient, you are able to view their data instantly.
  • The querying of your patient data takes on the order of seconds to minutes. While you're waiting for data to populate you can always check the status of your patient history call by executing the patient-history jobs request as described here.


You can always check what data we've pulled on your patient by viewing them within fhirPlace and the Zus Application!

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