Pharmacy Network

Through our partnership with Surescripts, Zus is proud to offer pharmacy-based medication history and notifications to our customers. This network covers 99% of US pharmacies and 324M+ patients. The service includes a 12 month history of dispensed medications based on paid claims and pharmacy data. The notification service also proactively notifies customers of activity from select participating pharmacies.

The main clinical resources generated from our pharmacy data are:

  • MedicationRequest
  • MedicationDispense
  • Condition (if available)

These resources typically link out to several foundational administrative resources:

  • Location
  • Organization
  • Practitioner

We also include the raw reference data for builders that prefer to process them on their own. These are stored in the following resources:

  • Binary
  • DocumentReference
  • Provenance

Medication Events

If a patient is enrolled in Medication Events and activity occurs in a participating pharmacy, Zus will proactively receive data upon fills and will create a MedicationRequest and MedicationDispense resource.

With each fill, specific labels on the new MedicationDispense resource will alert you to the following scenarios:

  • The prescription picked up is a new medication, denoted by a PMANewRx label.
  • The prescription picked up is a refill, denoted by a PMARefill label.
  • The prescription picked up is from a new prescriber, denoted by a PMANewPrescriber label.
  • The prescription picked up is a controlled substance, denoted by a PMAControlledSubstance label.
  • The prescription picked up has no refills remaining, denoted by a PMANoRefillsRemaining label.

Additionally, if the patient was due to refill a prescription, but the refill did not occur, the last confirmed MedicationDispense resource will have a specific label indicating:

  • The prescription has a refill that is overdue (5 days past the expected refill date), denoted by a PMARefillNotPickedUp label on the most recent MedicationDispense.

The following example MedicationDispense resource illustrates the way that these labels will appear as extension values from the SureScripts patient notification system. In this case, these labels illustrate that the medication filled was a refill and there are no refills remaining. (Note, FHIR resource is truncated to focus on the labels).

	"resourceType": "MedicationDispense",
	"id": "fa6eadd7-baa5-4c86-9527-8acd8d7c5add",
	"extension": [
			"url": "",
			"valueInstant": "2022-09-19T10:46:02+00:00"
			"id": "9bbd7253-350c-458a-856e-f8827e9d4c26",
			"url": "",
			"valueString": "PMARefill"
			"id": "60d1c445-e4e2-4fcd-9361-3e4150d4a80c",
			"url": "",
			"valueString": "PMANoRefillsRemaining"