Getting Started

Setting up users and patients

Care team member accounts can be managed via our API or via the User Management page in the app. It is important that each user is also linked to a practitioner resource. For help with your configuration, feel free to reach out to the Zus team.

Patients may either be set up via API or manually through the user interface. Please take care to ensure key demographics and contact information are included, as this greatly increases our ability to match patient history in partner networks. The other alternative is for clinical users to manually add patients via the user interface using the “Add Patient” button.

Enrolling patients

Patients should be enrolled into a subscription using our Enrollment API. One-time patient history queries may also be initiated via the Patient History API or by clicking "Request Records" within a patient's ZAP.

Accessing and managing patient history

Once logged in, users will see a list of patients and be able to select the desired patient, or search for patients by name from the Dashboard. Clicking the patient’s row will take the user to the patient’s ZAP, which currently is populated with demographic details, conditions, and medications.

Patient demographic details are unique to the given Builder (not currently drawing from network sources or others on the Zus network) and can be updated to improve match rate via the application or API.