Data-Enriched Forms



This product is in a stage of development that may be subject to change or deprecation and may not yet be feature complete or perform consistently.

Zus Data-Enriched Forms enable developers to build novel onboarding experiences - ones that leverage the ZAP to pre-populate important health information, so patients don't have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire just to speak with a clinician.

Features include:

  • Pre-population - Pre-populate forms with data you already know about the patient and clinical data pulled from 3rd parties like CommonWell and SureScripts.
  • Structured Data - Form submissions are written to the Zus Operational Data Store (ODS) and available via our FHIR REST API. All form responses are written to QuestionnaireResponse resources and structured clinical data is extracted to Condition, MedicationStatement, etc.
  • Zus Webhooks - Form responses can be sent directly to your applications via webhook requests.
  • Patient Auth - Bring your own auth provider and authenticate with Zus using our token exchange.
  • White-Label Ready - Use Zus forms with your own branding and logos.
  • Funnel Analytics - Receive metrics on completion and drop-off rates.