This feature is in a stage of development that may be subject to change or deprecation and may not yet be feature complete or perform consistently.

The Documents component is available to Builders on an opt-in basis. If you would like access to the Documents component, please reach out to our Support team.


The Documents component contains all clinical documents retrieved for a patient from your organization's and external records. Providers can access these source documents to view information that Zus has not yet incorporated into other embeddable UI components.

Users can:

  • See a chronological, deduplicated* list of documents from your organization and other providers
  • See a table of contents for each document
  • View each document

*Note: Some document duplicates may still surface if patient history has been requested for a patient multiple times with a short time frame. We will consider improving our deduplication over time.

Documents List

The Documents list shows documents from your organization and outside provider records, summarized by date created, title, and managing organization, so users have a simple, deduplicated documents list to review.

  • Note: the Documents list will be blank if Zus did not find any matching records for a patient or if your organization has never requested medical history for a patient through Zus.

Document Details


Click on a document to see a summary of key metadata, including status, the originating organization, and a table of contents.

Document Viewer

Click on the "Source Document" link to show the entire clinical document.