Encounters & Notes


This page is no longer being updated

As of April 23, 2024 all documentation of the ZAP can be found at https://clinicalguide.zushealth.com/docs/encounters-notes


The Encounters & Notes component allows providers to understand a patient's journey through their interactions with the healthcare system. Users can see the volume of various types of encounters and associated clinical notes, where available.

List View

Users can:

  • See deduplicated encounters from your organization and other providers in chronological order
  • Filter encounters based on the types of clinical notes associated with them
  • View details for each encounter, including the type of encounter, location, providers, clinical notes, and diagnoses, when available
  • View source documents that reference encounters


Click on an encounter to view additional details, including status, discharge disposition, and clinical notes, when available. Currently clinical notes are available only for notes retrieved after 5/18/2023.

Clicking on the "Source Document" link shows the clinical document referencing the encounter.

Known Issues

The Encounters & Notes component has a few known issues:

  • Some encounter types are not standardized or easy to understand

If you identify an issue not listed above, please let us know by contacting our Support team. Your feedback is much appreciated!