Forms Admin


The Zus Forms Admin enables you to manage form content and test forms in your browser.

Forms List

The Forms List shows all forms that you have access to. You will start out with a handful of public, non editable, forms that are available to all Zus builders. From here you can:

  • Create a new form with the option to start from an existing public form as a template
  • Preview or test a form
  • Copy/edit/delete an existing form
  • View basic usage statistics for a form

Form Builder

Creating or editing a form will take you to the Form Builder where you can manage the content of a form. This is powered by and provides a variety of options for text fields, sliders, dropdowns, and more. See the form builder documentation for more guidance on how to drag and drop components in the form builder.

Zus Components

In the form builder you will find a component section called "Zus Components". These form components have dedicated logic in the Zus backend to extract the submissions to more structured clinical data. For example, the "Conditions Select" component allows a user to select a health condition which will then be written to the Zus Operational Data Store (ODS) as a SNOMED backed Condition resource. Some components also read from ODS, pre-populating the form with conditions and medications found for the patient from 3rd parties such as CommonWell and SureScripts. When a patient confirms/negates this information it is also written to ODS as structured clinical data.

Pre-Populating Demographics

Basic components such as text field and date can be pre-populated with patient demographic information pulled from ODS. These fields can be shown to the user as read-only or editable and can also be hidden on the form but still included in the downstream submission data. This allows you to include demographic information on a form (which may be used to drive conditional logic on the form) without having the patient fill out information you already have.

Testing a Form

From the Forms List you can select the option preview a form which will simply show you the content of a form without writing data anywhere. You can also opt to fill out a form directly in your browser, which is a convenient way to test the downstream data implications of filling out a form. When filling out a form you must always specify a patient who is the subject of the form. In sandbox this field should auto-populate with the ID of a sample patient that was provisioned for you. If this does not happen then please reach out to Zus for support or look up a patient ID using the Zus FHIR API.

The "Browser" option has you fill out a form in a full browser window, whereas the "Embedded" demonstrates the form embedded in an iframe and allows you to easily view all of the generated FHIR resources for the form submission