Adding Your Data

Put Zus to work on your data

The Zus platform is far more powerful when you combine your own data about your patients with data obtained from our data services. Here are just a few of the benefits of having an integrated view of your patients and populations on Zus:

  • Intelligent refresh: Zus takes on the work of ensuring you always have the latest external data about your patient. Load your appointments so we can refresh the ZAP in advance. Load your referrals or orders so we can proactively close the loop.
  • Unified clinician views: Zus front-end capabilities apply the our cleansing and summarization magic to your data. Give your clinicians an integrated view of key summarized data points (conditions, etc.) and a complete trend for lab results.
  • Clean, analytics-ready data: Focus your analytics team on insights, not cleansing. Zus will incorporate your data into insight-ready Data Marts.
  • Deliver coordinated care: Zus makes clinical data available to other treating providers on the Zus, Commonwell, and Carequality networks. Ensure your patients get quality care by providing visibility to the rest of their team (and adhering to interoperability requirements and quality standards while you’re at it).
  • What to contribute
    You may contribute any data that your clinical team documents about your patients, as well as any data from payers or employers that you have rights to share with other treating providers. Zus will only share data that is part of our defined designated record set [LINK].

For patients you have already seen, we recommend incorporating information captured from your care interactions. This might include encounter information, clinical notes, diagnoses, lab results and orders, prescriptions, referrals, care plans, and upcoming appointments.

For patients you have not yet seen, consider data points regarding upcoming appointments, patient insurance coverage, or any known medical history.

Zus makes it easy

We offer several easy ways to integrate your data onto Zus.

  • EHR integrations: If you are using one of our EHR partners, key data elements will automatically sync to Zus, no effort required! Your EHR not on Zus yet - let us know!
  • APIs: Leverage our robust FHIR APIs to write individual data points to the platform. Soon, you’ll also be able to use our C-CDA parser API to pass a C-CDA to Zus (and let us do the hard work of turning it into FHIR).
  • CSV import: If bulk data is easier for your organization, please contact your customer success team and we may be able to help you with import.
  • Snowflake sync: We are piloting a direct import from customer Snowflake instances. If this is interesting to your organization, please contact your customer success team.