The Medications component allows providers to manage patient medications and easily reconcile outside medications. The Medications component leverages summarized medication histories including prescription and fill data, medication reconciliation events from other providers, and historical medications.

Users can:

  • Manage a list of active and historical patient medications
  • See a de-duplicated list of medications reported by other providers and not in your patient's med list
  • See a chronological history of medication prescriptions, fills, and reviews by your team or other providers
  • Easily reconcile and add medications from outside sources to your own medication list

Medications List and Outside Medications

Conditions are divided into two sections:

  • Medication List: Your patients' list of active medications which have been added, prescribed, or reconciled by your care team.
  • Outside Medications: Any medications available from outside records and are currently not in your patients' medication list.

The component summarizes conditions based on RxNorm terminology so providers have a simple de-duplicated medication list to review. Additionally, the Medication List and Outside Medications are mutually exclusive so Outside Conditions only highlights data that is "new to you."


Medication Summarization

Medications are summarized based on RxNorm to leverage the terminology's ability to normalize names and offer unique identifiers for medicines and drugs. Each RxNorm represents a unique generic or branded clinical drug or drug pack.

Learn more about Zus' Enrichment of Medication Activity.

  • If you've never seen a patient the Medication List will be blank while Outside Medications will contain a summarized list of all medications found in the patient's ZAP.
  • On later visits, the Medication List will contain any medications your provider team have added or prescribed. Outside Medications will contain a summarized list of all medications found in the patient's ZAP and not in your medication list.

Medication List

Outside Medications

Medication History

Medication History is available for all medications - both in the Medication List and Outside Medications.


The summary is a quick view of the most recent available information for a medication.


History shows all individual records in the ZAP associated with a given medication, including prescriptions, refills, and medication reviews. Expanding a record provides additional available detail such as the prescribing physician, days supply, and pharmacy.