This page is no longer being updated

As of April 23, 2024 all documentation of the ZAP can be found at https://clinicalguide.zushealth.com/docs/sources


The Sources component allows users to view data sources contributing to a patient's record, and the patient demographic and contact information associated with each source.

Available Data

The Sources tab has columns with the following data:

  • Date: The date the record was retrieved.
  • Source: The source of the data. This might be an EHR, a Provider Organization, a Hospital, or other entity that contributed patient data.
  • Patient Details: The name, date of birth, and administrative gender of the patient record that was retrieved.
  • Contact info: The phone number and email address listed for the patient.

The patient details or contact information may vary from your patient record and can be a good source of alternative demographic or contact information for a given patient.

Where to access the Sources tab

Zus Web App

In the Zus Web App, the Sources are listed in the "Other Records" tab of the Demographics page.

Embedded ZAP

In the embedded ZAP, the Sources tab is available under the "More" menu.