Please note that this page refers to a feature in a stage of development that may be subject to change.

Builders can subscribe to data creation and update activity in Zus's Operational Data Store (ODS). Today, Zus supports the following configuration options:

  • Builders can subscribe to create and update activity by FHIR resource type
  • We can send messages based on this activity to your webhooks
  • By default, Zus ODS sends the full FHIR resource as part of the message
    • Note: For FHIR resources larger than 250 KB, Zus only sends the FHIR resource ID, which builders can use to retrieve the full resource
  • Supported authentication mechanisms for webhooks include: API keys, basic (username/password), and OAuth client credentials

If you would like to subscribe to data activity for your account, please submit a support ticket to us here.