This feature is in a stage of development that may be subject to change or deprecation and may not yet be feature complete or perform consistently (see known issues below).

The Timeline component is available to Builders on an opt-in basis. If you would like access to the Timeline component, please reach out to our Support team.


The Timeline component allows providers to understand a patient's journey through their interactions with the healthcare system. Today the Timeline includes encounter events and diagnostic reports (i.e., labs, imaging, clinical studies, etc.), and we will add more clinical event types to this rich patient history over time.

Diagnostic Reports

Filter on Diagnostic Reports to review a patient's history of lab results, imaging, vitals, and other types of reports.

Timeline View

Users can:

  • See chronological, deduplicated* diagnostic tests from your organization and other providers
  • View results for each diagnostic test (e.g., full results for lab analytes within a panel)
  • View source documents that included diagnostic tests and results

*Note: Some diagnostic reports do not come with codes from standard terminologies (e.g., LOINC), which may reduce the impact of deduplication. We will consider improving our deduplication over time.


Click on a diagnostic report to see its results. For labs this includes analyte values and reference ranges, when available.

Clicking on the "Source Document" link shows the clinical document the diagnostic report was extracted from.


Filter on Encounters to review a patient's encounter history.

Timeline View

Users can:

  • See encounters from your organization and other providers in chronological order
  • View details for each encounter, including the type of encounter, location, providers, and diagnoses, when available
  • View source documents that reference encounters


Click on an encounter to view additional details, including status and discharge disposition, when available.

Clicking on the "Source Document" link shows the clinical document referencing the encounter.

Known Issues

The Timeline is in a Beta stage and thus there are several known issues we are working to solve:

  • Column headers are not yet available on the Timeline view
  • Some Diagnostic Reports are not showing all available results in the Details view
  • Some source documents do not contain lab results
  • Some encounters are duplicated
  • Some encounter types are not standardized or easy to understand

If you identify an issue not listed above, please let us know by contacting our Support team. Your feedback is much appreciated!